Al Qaeda is trying to turn Syria into an Islamic State

Exactly what Obama desired and didn’t even have to go to War to get the Job done. Danger increases for many as a 100% Jihadist Location is sought.

The Muslim Issue

What have we been saying all along all these months while the media and politics have been blaming Assad for bogus chemical attacks and wars that are only a defense against extremism? Only now is the press waking up.

And why are the terrorists taking over the area near the Turkish border? Because they have support, not opposition from Turkey. Let’s not forget who the supporters of terrorists have been who insist these intruders were “rebels” and not terrorists: Obama, David Cameron, Francoise Hollande. Who want’s a Sunni caliphate in the area? Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, and the new ‘EU member’, Turkey. Obama, Hollande and Cameron wanted to bomb Assad on the directives of the Saudis. Can you imagine the consequences of that?

These politicians are so insane they understand nothing about these satanic entities in the middle east, yet they do business and trade with them while inviting…

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