Iran launches ‘Down with America’ propaganda awards to demonise the U.S.

Obama’s new Friendship with Iran seems to be going smoothly~

The Muslim Issue

Iran launches ‘Down with America’ awards offering £2,500 for the best photo, cartoon, or article which demonises the US

  • Contest invites entries on subjects linking the US to oppression and lying
  • Will be judged by prominent Iranian artists and illustrators
  • Contest name references popular slogan with anti-US activists in Iran
  • Comes as US and Iran re-open talks on the country’s nuclear programme

By Kieran Corcoran, PUBLISHED: 19:05, 26 October 2013 | DailyMail

An award offering cash prizes for the best works of art that stir up hatred for the United States has been launched in Iran.

The competition, named Marg bar Amrika, which translates to ‘Down with America’ or ‘Death to America’, has a grand prize of 100million Iranian rial, which equates to £2,500.

Held in two parts, the contest invites entries on anti-American subjects including ‘Why is the US not reliable’, ‘The US and oppression’ and ‘The US and…

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