David Cameron makes Britain the first Sharia investment hub in the West

The Muslim Issue

A few days back we reported on David Cameron’s efforts to hoist in Sharia law, bit-by-bit, into his country. The man is so stupid he almost pairs with Tony Blair, the most vile, dangerously stupid man in politics who is behind Arab trade agreements and continued muslim mass immigration. What exactly is Sharia finance? Like everything else. it’s deeply discriminatory against non-muslims. Muslims, for example, are not obligated to pay banking fees, interest and other random fees everyone else in Britanistan has to pay. That means financial institutions make the rest of the population pay the fees on behalf of muslims to cover the costs.

There is no need for the est 5 million muslims living in Britanistan to use much violence to spread their fascism (of which a total 67.5% are living off the welfare system. Their harems alone cost over £5 million a year). They are freely…

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