Consumers Response to Part Time America~

For the last year everyone in America has watched our Workforce go from Full Time to Part Time and the ensuing Damage its caused for untold Millions in the process. Major Employers lay Silent and never raised their Voices against such a change. Just like Major Insurance Companies~They’ve all just sat silent instead of Standing with their Countrymen and doing something to prevent it.
I urge All American Consumers to remember these facts when you go shopping this Holiday Season. Stand with those whose Lives have been fundamentally changed by Obama’s Socialists Policies and make this a “1 Gift Christmas”. For this is the ONLY Way that we as Americans can Silently Fight Back against all of those that Failed Us and Our Brothers. Whats happened and what is to come for Our Great Nation does not Bode Well for any Citizens. Once a United Nation, we now are divided more than ever in History and the only People that can change that is


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