India Is Being Threatened And Targeted By Terrorists From Afghanistan

The Muslim Issue

That poor country has endured more than enough suffering committed by muslims. The khilafa movement wants to take back what they previously occupied and invaded whether they managed to remain there and rule or not. They are now renewing their tide of jihad against India.

The muslim population in India is at least three times larger than the government’s official figures, so now is the time for them to start expanding their terrorism. No one can live in peace with muslims. We have already mentioned this is what will happen with the Arab spring movement – and it is indeed happening. All previous muslim occupied and muslim invaded regions through history is their upcoming targets (Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, Greece, India and so on): terrorists will be spreading first and foremost to the regions they consider “theirs” and lawfully theirs to take over.

Earlier today we demonstrated how the appointed…

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