Saudi women are harassed by men in malls, on parking lots, waiting for taxis – just about anywhere they go

The Muslim Issue

We’ve said it many, many times but will repeat it once more: the burka has nothing to do with religion. It’s merely a rape protector. If you don’t wear it, you are basically accused of inviting rape. And rape they know and do all the time in islamic countries.

An entire lifetime bending over to their warlord has not made them even one ounce more humanized. They can’t leave anything alone be it a young boy, a goat, a child or a woman. Women can’t walk and be left in peace in malls without being stalked and harassed. The situation is so bad that young men can’t even enter malls at any or all opening hours, and try and bribe security guards and lure they way in. Women are also harassed riding in cars, in taxis, in food stores, picking their children up from school. So why is there no…

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