Terror funding Qatar expand to fund ‘Arab cultural centre’ in Washington for ‘political policy-related benefit’

The Muslim Issue

Qatar feels having major stakes in the Washington property market may give them a marginal political, policy-related benefit”. And why exactly does Qatar need or try to get political and policy related benefits in the United States? Even the EU doesn’t seek means to establish political and policy related influences in the United States. Is there no one to put a stop to this?


Qatar to fund Arab cultural centre in Washington

Taimur Khan  |  TheNational.ea
October 20, 2013 Updated: October 20, 2013 21:55:00

NEW YORK // The Qatar Foundation International plans to open a centre dedicated to teaching Arab culture and the Arabic language to American pupils as part of a massive development project in Washington that Doha is helping finance.

The first phase of CityCenterDC, one of the largest construction projects in the United States, is being financed by US$622 million (Dh2.28bn) from the Qatari…

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