Terror supporters CAIR wants CLEET to drop counterterrorism event: ‘seminar speakers are anti-Muslim’

The Muslim Issue

CAIR wants CLEET to drop a counterterrorism event called “Iran, Hezbollah and the Drug Cartels: Counterterrorism Considerations.” So criticising Hezbollah is suppose to be anti-Muslim? In other words CAIR supports terrorist organization Hezbollah and consider it a valid Muslim organization then that should not be ‘misrepresented’?

Maybe it’s time for the authorities in Oklahoma to wake up. Muslims spread into small towns and remote areas because the local authorities tend to be lesser equipped to understand terrorist threats, or to know anything about middle eastern culture of barbarism and human rights violations, or to know nothing about their intense hatred of America; or understand dubious mosque activities, or that they need to monitor practicing muslims.

Why would anyone want to move from an Islamic country to a free democratic country and continue taking Islam with them? They should ask that question. The common answer and excuse muslims give for demanding…

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