“My Fellow Americans, ask not what your Country can do for you, ask What YOU can do for your Country.”

– John F. Kennedy

What more must be said? Perhaps the Fact that 90 Million Americans are Unemployed and No Longer even recorded by The Obama Administration’s totally inept number counters thus you see the Heinous Unemployment Rate in America in the 7 Percentile. Nothing could be further from the Truth~

“Our America” IS undergoing a Fundamental Change~One that Barack Berry Soetero Hussein Obama Promised. As they say in Tennis~The Ball is In Our Court!

The Time has come for “We The People” to Defend our Nation that is being “Destroyed From Within” by an absolutely Greed Infested bunch of Politicians.

We’ve all been Warned that “Money is the Root of ALL Evil” and no place can that be seen more apparent than in Washington D.C.

Obama was given a Pass upon his First Violation of  U.S Laws and Now we all are paying the price due to the Politicians that chose to Look the Other Way for whatever reason. Now Obama breaks Laws at a Whim with Zero Accountability. The Affordable Care Act is Proof of that!

Our Forefathers left Us Explicit Instructions as to the Actions that must be taken by “We The People” in such dire circumstances….Are You Prepared? If you’re Not~You Should Be!

Historical Change is coming to America whether People want to see it happen or not~”Just know”…We are Part of It.

God Bless and Keep The Faith

Sherry Nash


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